Request object containing information needed for querying timeseries data. Available since API v11.


property type description
query query (string) tsquery to run against the CM time-series data store. Please see the tsquery language documentation.

from from (string) Start of the period to query in ISO 8601 format (defaults to 5 minutes before the end of the period).
to to (string) End of the period to query in ISO 8601 format (defaults to current time).
contentType contentType (string) contentType to return the response in. The content types "application/json" and "text/csv" are supported. This defaults to "application/json". If "text/csv" is specified then we return one row per time series data point, and we don't return any of the metadata.
desiredRollup desiredRollup (string) Aggregate rollup level desired for the response data. Valid values are RAW, TEN_MINUTELY, HOURLY, SIX_HOURLY, DAILY, and WEEKLY. Note that if the mustUseDesiredRollup parameter is not set, then the monitoring server can decide to return a different rollup level.
mustUseDesiredRollup mustUseDesiredRollup (boolean) If set to true, then the tsquery will return data with the desired aggregate rollup level.