A role represents a specific entity that participate in a service. Examples are JobTrackers, DataNodes, HBase Masters. Each role is assigned a host where it runs on.


property type description
name name (string) The name of the role. Optional when creating a role since API v6. If not specified, a name will be automatically generated for the role.
type type (string) The type of the role, e.g. NAMENODE, DATANODE, TASKTRACKER.
hostRef hostRef (apiHostRef) A reference to the host where this role runs.
serviceRef serviceRef (apiServiceRef) Readonly. A reference to the parent service.
roleState roleState (apiRoleState) Readonly. The configured run state of this role. Whether it's running, etc.
commissionState commissionState (apiCommissionState) Readonly. The commission state of this role. Available since API v2.
healthSummary healthSummary (apiHealthSummary) Readonly. The high-level health status of this role.
configStale configStale (boolean) Readonly. Expresses whether the role configuration is stale.
configStalenessStatus configStalenessStatus (apiConfigStalenessStatus) Readonly. Expresses the role's configuration staleness status. Available since API v6.
healthChecks array of healthChecks/healthChecks (apiHealthCheck) Readonly. The list of health checks of this service.
haStatus haStatus (haStatus) Readonly. The HA status of this role.
roleUrl roleUrl (string) Readonly. Link into the Cloudera Manager web UI for this specific role.
maintenanceMode maintenanceMode (boolean) Readonly. Whether the role is in maintenance mode. Available since API v2.
maintenanceOwners array of maintenanceOwners/maintenanceOwners (apiEntityType) Readonly. The list of objects that trigger this role to be in maintenance mode. Available since API v2.
config config (apiConfigList) The role configuration. Optional.
roleConfigGroupRef roleConfigGroupRef (apiRoleConfigGroupRef) Readonly. The reference to the role configuration group of this role. Available since API v3.
zooKeeperServerMode zooKeeperServerMode (zooKeeperServerMode) Readonly. The ZooKeeper server mode for this role. Note that for non-ZooKeeper Server roles this will be null. Available since API v6.
entityStatus entityStatus (apiEntityStatus) Readonly. The entity status for this role. Available since API v11.