A role config group contains roles of the same role type sharing the same configuration. While each role has to belong to a group, a role config group may be empty. There exists a default role config group for each role type. Default groups cannot be removed nor created. The name of a role config group is unique and cannot be changed. The configuration of individual roles may be overridden on role level.


property type description
name name (string) Readonly. The unique name of this role config group.
roleType roleType (string) Readonly. The type of the roles in this group.
base base (boolean) Readonly. Indicates whether this is a base group.
config config (apiConfigList) The configuration for this group. Optional.
displayName displayName (string) The display name of this group.
serviceRef serviceRef (apiServiceRef) Readonly. The service reference (service name and cluster name) of this group.