This objects represents a deployment including all clusters, hosts, services, roles, etc in the system. It can be used to save and restore all settings.


property type description
timestamp timestamp (dateTime) Readonly. This timestamp is provided when you request a deployment and is not required (or even read) when creating a deployment. This timestamp is useful if you have multiple deployments saved and want to determine which one to use as a restore point.
clusters array of clusters/clusters (apiCluster) List of clusters in the system including their services, roles and complete config values.
hosts array of hosts/hosts (apiHost) List of hosts in the system
users array of users/users (apiUser) List of all users in the system
versionInfo versionInfo (apiVersionInfo) Full version information about the running Cloudera Manager instance
managementService managementService (apiService) The full configuration of the Cloudera Manager management service including all the management roles and their config values
managerSettings managerSettings (apiConfigList) The full configuration of Cloudera Manager itself including licensing info
allHostsConfig allHostsConfig (apiConfigList) Configuration parameters that apply to all hosts, unless overridden at the host level. Available since API v3.
peers array of peers/peers (apiCmPeer) The list of peers configured in Cloudera Manager. Available since API v3.
hostTemplates hostTemplates (apiHostTemplateList) The list of all host templates in Cloudera Manager.