Base class for commands that can be scheduled in Cloudera Manager.

Note that schedule IDs are not preserved upon import.


property type description
id id (long) The schedule id.
startTime startTime (dateTime) The time at which the scheduled activity is triggered for the first time.
endTime endTime (dateTime) The time after which the scheduled activity will no longer be triggered.
interval interval (long) The duration between consecutive triggers of a scheduled activity.
intervalUnit intervalUnit (apiScheduleInterval) The unit for the repeat interval.
nextRun nextRun (dateTime) Readonly. The time the scheduled command will run next.
paused paused (boolean) The paused state for the schedule. The scheduled activity will not be triggered as long as the scheduled is paused.
alertOnStart alertOnStart (boolean) Whether to alert on start of the scheduled activity.
alertOnSuccess alertOnSuccess (boolean) Whether to alert on successful completion of the scheduled activity.
alertOnFail alertOnFail (boolean) Whether to alert on failure of the scheduled activity.
alertOnAbort alertOnAbort (boolean) Whether to alert on abort of the scheduled activity.