Provides detailed information about a submitted command.

There are two types of commands: synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous commands complete immediately, and their results are passed back in the returned command object after the execution of an API call. Outside of that returned object, there is no way to check the result of a synchronous command.

Asynchronous commands have unique non-negative IDs. They may still be running when the API call returns. Clients can check the status of such commands using the API.


property type description
id id (long) The command ID.
name name (string) The command name.
startTime startTime (dateTime) The start time.
endTime endTime (dateTime) The end time, if the command is finished.
active active (boolean) Whether the command is currently active.
success success (boolean) If the command is finished, whether it was successful.
resultMessage resultMessage (string) If the command is finished, the result message.
resultDataUrl resultDataUrl (string) URL to the command's downloadable result data, if any exists.
clusterRef clusterRef (apiClusterRef) Reference to the cluster (for cluster commands only).
serviceRef serviceRef (apiServiceRef) Reference to the service (for service commands only).
roleRef roleRef (apiRoleRef) Reference to the role (for role commands only).
hostRef hostRef (apiHostRef) Reference to the host (for host commands only).
parent parent (apiCommand) Reference to the parent command, if any.
children children (apiCommandList) List of child commands. Only available in the full view.

The list contains only the summary view of the children.