Events model noteworthy incidents in Cloudera Manager or the managed Hadoop cluster. An event carries its event category, severity, and a string content. They also have generic attributes, which are free-form key value pairs. Important events may be promoted into alerts.


property type description
id id (string) A unique ID for this event.
content content (string) The content payload of this event.
timeOccurred timeOccurred (dateTime) When the event was generated.
timeReceived timeReceived (dateTime) When the event was stored by Cloudera Manager. Events do not arrive in the order that they are generated. If you are writing an event poller, this is a useful field to query.
category category (apiEventCategory) The category of this event -- whether it is a health event, an audit event, an activity event, etc.
severity severity (apiEventSeverity) The severity of the event.
alert alert (boolean) Whether the event is promoted to an alert according to configuration.
attributes array of attributes/attributes (apiEventAttribute) A list of key-value attribute pairs.