Represents an Impala Query.


property type description
queryId queryId (string) The query id.
statement statement (string) The SQL statement for the query.
queryType queryType (string) The query type. The possible values are: DML, DDL, QUERY and UNKNOWN. See the Impala documentation for more details.
queryState queryState (string) The query state. The possible values are: CREATED, INITIALIZED, COMPILED, RUNNING, FINISHED, EXCEPTION, and UNKNOWN. See the Impala documentation for more details.
startTime startTime (dateTime) The time the query was issued.
endTime endTime (dateTime) The time the query finished. If the query hasn't finished then this will return null.
rowsProduced rowsProduced (long) The number of rows produced by the query. If the query hasn't completed this will return null.
attributes attributes ((anonymous)) A map of additional query attributes which is generated by Cloudera Manager.
user user (string) The user who issued this query.
coordinator coordinator (apiHostRef) The host of the Impala Daemon coordinating the query
detailsAvailable detailsAvailable (boolean) Whether we have a detailed runtime profile available for the query. This profile is available at the endpoint /queries/{QUERY_ID}.
database database (string) The database on which this query was issued.