Provides information about an HDFS nameservice.

Nameservices can be either a stand-alone NameNode, a NameNode paired with a SecondaryNameNode, or a high-availability pair formed by an active and a stand-by NameNode.

The following fields are only available in the object's full view:


property type description
name name (string) Name of the nameservice.
active active (apiRoleRef) Reference to the active NameNode.
activeFailoverController activeFailoverController (apiRoleRef) Reference to the active NameNode's failover controller, if configured.
standBy standBy (apiRoleRef) Reference to the stand-by NameNode.
standByFailoverController standByFailoverController (apiRoleRef) Reference to the stand-by NameNode's failover controller, if configured.
secondary secondary (apiRoleRef) Reference to the SecondaryNameNode.
mountPoints array of mountPoints/mountPoints (string) Mount points assigned to this nameservice in a federation.
healthSummary healthSummary (apiHealthSummary) Requires "full" view. The high-level health status of this nameservice.
healthChecks array of healthChecks/healthChecks (apiHealthCheck) Requires "full" view. List of health checks performed on the nameservice.