Detailed information about an HDFS replication job.


property type description
progress progress (int) The file copy progress percentage.
counters array of counters/counters (apiHdfsReplicationCounter) The counters collected from the replication job.

Starting with API v4, the full list of counters is only available in the full view.

numFilesDryRun numFilesDryRun (long) The number of files found to copy.
numBytesDryRun numBytesDryRun (long) The number of bytes found to copy.
numFilesExpected numFilesExpected (long) The number of files expected to be copied.
numBytesExpected numBytesExpected (long) The number of bytes expected to be copied.
numFilesCopied numFilesCopied (long) The number of files actually copied.
numBytesCopied numBytesCopied (long) The number of bytes actually copied.
numFilesSkipped numFilesSkipped (long) The number of files that were unchanged and thus skipped during copying.
numBytesSkipped numBytesSkipped (long) The aggregate number of bytes in the skipped files.
numFilesDeleted numFilesDeleted (long) The number of files deleted since they were present at destination, but missing from source.
numFilesCopyFailed numFilesCopyFailed (long) The number of files for which copy failed.
numBytesCopyFailed numBytesCopyFailed (long) The aggregate number of bytes in the files for which copy failed.
setupError setupError (string) The error that happened during job setup, if any.
jobId jobId (string) Read-only. The MapReduce job ID for the replication job. Available since API v4.

This can be used to query information about the replication job from the MapReduce server where it was executed. Refer to the "/activities" resource for services for further details.

jobDetailsUri jobDetailsUri (string) Read-only. The URI (relative to the CM server's root) where to find the Activity Monitor page for the job. Available since API v4.
dryRun dryRun (boolean) Whether this was a dry run.
snapshottedDirs array of snapshottedDirs (string) The list of directories for which snapshots were taken and used as part of this replication.
runAsUser runAsUser (string) Returns run-as user name. Available since API v11.
failedFiles array of failedFiles (string) The list of files that failed during replication. Available since API v11.