Mount Point: /api/v12/hosts/{hostId}/commands/migrateRoles


Migrate roles to a different host.

This command applies only to HDFS NameNode, JournalNode, and Failover Controller roles. In order to migrate these roles:

Migrating a NameNode or JournalNode role requires cluster downtime. HDFS, along with all of its dependent services, will be stopped at the beginning of the migration process, and restarted at its conclusion.

If the active NameNode is selected for migration, a manual failover will be performed before the role is migrated. The role will remain in standby mode after the migration is complete.

When migrating a NameNode role, the co-located Failover Controller role must be migrated as well if automatic failover is enabled. The Failover Controller role name must be included in the list of role names to migrate specified in the arguments to this command (it will not be included implicitly). This command does not allow a Failover Controller role to be moved by itself, although it is possible to move a JournalNode independently.

Available since API v10.


name description type default
hostId The ID of the host on which the roles to migrate currently reside path

Request Body

element: migrateRolesArgs

Arguments for the command.

Response Body

element: command

Information about the submitted command.