Mount Point: /api/v12/clusters/{clusterName}/commands/upgradeServices


This operation has been deprecated. This endpoint should not used in Cloudera Manager 5 or later. Use the upgradeCdh endpoint on the cluster instead.

Upgrades the services in the cluster to the CDH5 version.

This command requires that the CDH packages in the hosts used by the cluster be upgraded to CDH5 before this command is issued. Once issued, this command will stop all running services before proceeding.

If parcels are used instead of CDH system packages then the following steps need to happen in order:

  1. Stop all services manually
  2. Activate parcel
  3. Run this upgrade command
The command will upgrade the services and their configuration to the version available in the CDH5 distribution.


name description type default
clusterName The name of the cluster. path

Response Body

element: command

Information about the submitted command.