Mount Point: /api/v12/clusters/{clusterName}/services/{serviceName}/reports/mrUsageReport


Fetch the MR usage report. For the requested time range, at the specified aggregation intervals, the report shows job CPU usages (and other metrics) per user.

This call supports returning JSON or CSV, as determined by the "Accept" header of application/json or text/csv.

Available since API v4. Only available with Cloudera Manager Enterprise Edition.


name description type default
serviceName The MR service name. path
from The (optional) start time of the report in ISO 8601 format (defaults to 24 hours before "to" time). query
to The (optional) end time of the report in ISO 8601 format (defaults to now). query now
aggregation The (optional) aggregation period for the data. Supports "hourly", "daily" (default) and "weekly". query daily
clusterName (no documentation provided) path

Response Body

element: mrUsageReport

Report data.