Mount Point: /api/v12/clusters/{clusterName}/services/{serviceName}/commands/hdfsEnableHa


This operation has been deprecated. This endpoint is not supported v6 onwards. Use hdfsEnableNnHa on the HDFS service instead.

Enable high availability (HA) for an HDFS NameNode.

The command will set up the given "active" and "stand-by" NameNodes as an HA pair. Both nodes need to already exist.

If there is a SecondaryNameNode associated with either given NameNode instance, it will be deleted.

Note that while the shared edits path may be different for both nodes, they need to point to the same underlying storage (e.g., an NFS share).

As part of enabling HA, any services that depend on the HDFS service being modified will be stopped. The command arguments provide options to re-start these services and to re-deploy the client configurations for services of the cluster after HA has been enabled.


name description type default
serviceName The HDFS service name. path
clusterName (no documentation provided) path

Request Body

element: hdfsHaArgs

Arguments for the command.

Response Body

element: command

Information about the submitted command.