Mount Point: /api/v12/clusters/{clusterName}/services/{serviceName}/activities


Read all activities in the system


name description type default
clusterName The name of the cluster path
serviceName The name of the service path
maxResults The maximum number of activities to return. query 100
resultOffset Specified the offset of activities to return. query 0
query The query to perform to find activities in the system. By default, this call returns top level (i.e. root) activities that have currently started.

The query specifies the intersection of a list of constraints, joined together with semicolons (without spaces). For example:

looks for running root activities. This is also the default query.
looks for failed activities after the given date time.
name==Pi Estimator;startTime=gt=2012-04-01T20:30:00.000Z
looks for activities started after the given date time, with the name of "Pi Estimator".
looks for activities that are active on 2012 New Year's Day. Note that they may start before or finish after that day.
looks for failed child activities of the given parent activity id.
looks for started activities that are using more than 10 cores per second.
looks for all hive queries submitted by user bc after the given date time.
You may query any fields present in the ApiActivity object. You can also query by activity metric values using the metrics.* syntax. Values for date time fields should be ISO8601 timestamps.

The valid comparators are ==, !=, =lt=, =le=, =ge=, and =gt=. They stand for "==", "!=", "<", "<=", ">=", ">" respectively.

query status==started;parent==
view The view of the activities to materialize query summary
serviceName (no documentation provided) path
clusterName (no documentation provided) path

Response Body

element: activityList

A list of activities