Mount Point: /api/v12/clusters/{clusterName}/services/{serviceName}/yarnApplications/attributes


Returns the list of all attributes that the Service Monitor can associate with YARN applications.

Examples of attributes include the user who ran the application and the number of maps completed by the application.

These attributes can be used to search for specific YARN applications through the getYarnApplications API. For example the 'user' attribute could be used in the search 'user = root'. If the attribute is numeric it can also be used as a metric in a tsquery (ie, 'select maps_completed from YARN_APPLICATIONS').

Note that this response is identical for all YARN services.

Available since API v6.


name description type default
serviceName (no documentation provided) path
clusterName (no documentation provided) path

Response Body

element: yarnApplicationAttributeList

(no documentation provided)