Mount Point: /api/v12/clusters/{clusterName}/services/{serviceName}/yarnApplications


Returns a list of applications that satisfy the filter

Available since API v6.


name description type default
serviceName The name of the service path
filter A filter to apply to the applications. A basic filter tests the value of an attribute and looks something like 'executing = true' or 'user = root'. Multiple basic filters can be combined into a complex expression using standard and / or boolean logic and parenthesis. An example of a complex filter is: 'application_duration > 5s and (user = root or user = myUserName'). query
from Start of the period to query in ISO 8601 format (defaults to 5 minutes before the 'to' time). query
to End of the period to query in ISO 8601 format (defaults to now). query now
limit The maximum number of applications to return. Applications will be returned in the following order:
  • All executing applications, ordered from longest to shortest running
  • All completed applications order by end time descending.
query 100
offset The offset to start returning applications from. This is useful for paging through lists of applications. Note that this has non-deterministic behavior if executing applications are included in the response because they can disappear from the list while paging. To exclude executing applications from the response and a 'executing = false' clause to your filter. query 0
serviceName (no documentation provided) path
clusterName (no documentation provided) path

Response Body

element: yarnApplicationResponse

A list of YARN applications and warnings.