Mount Point: /api/v12/clusters/{clusterName}/commands/rollingUpgrade


Command to do a rolling upgrade of specific services in the given cluster This command does not handle any services that don't support rolling upgrades. The command will throw an error and not start if upgrade of any such service is requested. This command does not upgrade the full CDH Cluster. You should normally use the upgradeCDH Command for upgrading the cluster. This is primarily helpful if you need to need to recover from an upgrade failure or for advanced users to script an alternative to the upgradeCdhCommand. This command expects the binaries to be available on hosts and activated. It does not change any binaries on the hosts.


name description type default
clusterName The name of the cluster. path

Request Body

element: rollingUpgradeServicesArgs

Arguments for the rolling upgrade command.

Response Body

element: command

Information about the submitted command.