Detailed information about a Hive replication job.


property type description
phase phase (string) Phase the replication is in.

If the replication job is still active, this will contain a string describing the current phase. This will be one of: EXPORT, DATA or IMPORT, for, respectively, exporting the source metastore information, replicating table data (if configured), and importing metastore information in the target.

This value will not be present if the replication is not active.

Available since API v4.

tableCount tableCount (int) Number of tables that were successfully replicated. Available since API v4.
tables array of tables/tables (apiHiveTable) The list of tables successfully replicated.

Since API v4, this is only available in the full view.

errorCount errorCount (int) Number of errors detected during replication job. Available since API v4.
errors array of errors/errors (apiHiveReplicationError) List of errors encountered during replication.

Since API v4, this is only available in the full view.

dataReplicationResult dataReplicationResult (apiHdfsReplicationResult) Result of table data replication, if performed.
dryRun dryRun (boolean) Whether this was a dry run.