cmPeer element

Type: apiCmPeer

Information about a Cloudera Manager peer instance.

The requirement and usage of username and password properties are dependent on the clouderaManagerCreatedUser flag.

When creating peers, if 'clouderaManagerCreatedUser' is true, the username/password should be the credentials of a user with administrator privileges on the remote Cloudera Manager. These credentials are not stored, they are used to connect to the peer and create a user in that peer. The newly created user is stored and used for communication with that peer. If 'clouderaManagerCreatedUser' is false, which is not applicable to REPLICATION peer type, the username/password to the remote Cloudera Manager are directly stored and used for all communications with that peer.

When updating peers, if 'clouderaManagerCreatedUser' is true and username/password are set, a new remote user will be created. If 'clouderaManagerCreatedUser' is false and username/password are set, the stored username/password will be updated.