Mount Point: /api/v3/v2/lineage


Collects all relations that make up the lineage of a specified set of entities and their associated entities.

The lineage of an entity is the transitive closure of DATA_FLOW, CONTROL_FLOW, LOGICAL_PHYSICAL, INSTANCE_OF and ALIAS relations.


name description type default
entityIds A Set of entities to retrieve the lineage for. query
offset The column from which to start collecting the relations. query -1
length The number of columns to collect. query 2
mergeDeletedEntities Merge the elements that are directly linked through the data flows. For ex: HDFS move operation. query true
removeUsageEndPointTypes (no documentation provided) query true

Response Body

element: (custom)

A Lineage object containing the relations that make up the lineage if an entity and their referenced entities.