Mount Point: /api/v3/v2/entities


Updates user-editable properties of an entity (aka business metadata).

Note that all editable properties will be overwritten with the given metadata. If tags or properties are left out, they will remain as they were.

This method is not recommended for bulk updates.

Request Body:

Request Body

element: (custom)

The source ID, parentPath, and updated properties.

Response Body

element: (custom)

The updated entity.


Retrieves a collection of entity objects based on the query specified.


name description type default
query The query that the results should be filtered with. query
ids The ids of the entities to return. query
limit The maximum number of results allowed by the client. query 100
offset The offset from 0 at which the result should start. query 0

Response Body

element: (custom)

A Collection of Entity instances that match the specified query.