Mount Point: /api/v1/cm/service


Retrieve information about the Cloudera Management Services.

Response Body

element: service

Details about the management service.


Setup the Cloudera Management Services.

Configure the CMS instance and create all the management roles. The provided configuration data can be used to set up host mappings for each role, and required configuration such as database connection information for specific roles.

Regardless of the list of roles provided in the input data, all management roles are created by this call. The input is used to override any default settings for the specific roles.

This method needs a valid CM license to be installed beforehand.

This method does not start any services or roles.

This method will fail if a CMS instance already exists.

Available role types:

Request Body

element: setupInfo

Role configurartion overrides.

Response Body

element: service

ApiService The CMS information.