Mount Point: /api/v1/clusters/{clusterName}/services/{serviceName}/commands/hdfsEnableAutoFailover


Enable auto-failover for an HDFS nameservice.

This command requires that the nameservice exists, and HA has been configured for that nameservice.

The command will create the needed failover controllers, perform the needed initialization and configuration, and will start the new roles. The existing NameNodes which are part of the nameservice will be re-started in the process.

This process may require changing the service's configuration, to add a dependency on the provided ZooKeeper service. This will be done if such a dependency has not been configured yet, and will cause roles that are not affected by this command to show an "outdated configuration" status.

If a ZooKeeper dependency has already been set up by some other means, it does not need to be provided in the command arguments.


name description type default
clusterName The name of the cluster. path
serviceName The HDFS service name. path

Request Body

element: hdfsFailoverArgs

Arguments for the command.

Response Body

element: command

Information about the submitted command.