A service (such as HDFS, MapReduce, HBase) runs in a cluster. It has roles, which are the actual entities (NameNode, DataNodes, etc.) that perform the service's functions.

HDFS services and health checks

In CDH4, HDFS services may not present any health checks. This will happen if the service has more than one nameservice configured. In those cases, the health information will be available by fetching information about the nameservices instead.

The health summary is still available, and reflects a service-wide summary.


property type description
name name (string) The name of the service.
type type (string) The type of the service, e.g. HDFS, MAPREDUCE, HBASE.
clusterRef clusterRef (apiClusterRef) Readonly. A reference to the enclosing cluster.
serviceState serviceState (apiServiceState) Readonly. The configured run state of this service. Whether it's running, etc.
healthSummary healthSummary (apiHealthSummary) Readonly. The high-level health status of this service.
configStale configStale (boolean) Readonly. Expresses whether the service configuration is stale.
healthChecks array of healthChecks (apiHealthCheck) Readonly. The list of health checks of this service.
serviceUrl serviceUrl (string) Readonly. Link into the Cloudera Manager web UI for this specific service.