Package com.cloudera.api.model

Java models of the underlying API JSON objects, with JAX-B annotations.


Class Summary
ApiActivity Represents a user activity, such as a MapReduce job, a Hive query, an Oozie workflow, etc.
ApiAudit Models audit events from both CM and CM managed services like HDFS, HBase and Hive.
ApiBatchRequest A batch request, comprised of one or more request elements.
ApiBatchRequestElement A single element of a batch request, often part of a list with other elements.
ApiBatchResponse A batch response, comprised of one or more response elements.
ApiBatchResponseElement A single element of a batch response, often part of a list with other elements.
ApiBulkCommandList A list of commands.
ApiCdhUpgradeArgs Arguments used for the CDH Upgrade command.
ApiCluster A cluster represents a set of interdependent services running on a set of hosts.
ApiClusterList A list of clusters.
ApiClusterRef A clusterRef references a cluster.
ApiClusterTemplate Details of cluster template
ApiClusterTemplateConfig Config Details: The config can either have a value or ref or variable.
ApiClusterTemplateHostInfo This contains information about the host or host range on which provided host template will be applied.
ApiClusterTemplateHostTemplate Host templates will contain information about the role config groups that should be applied to a host.
ApiClusterTemplateInstantiator Details of cluster template
ApiClusterTemplateRole Role info: This will contain information related to a role referred by some configuration.
ApiClusterTemplateRoleConfigGroup Role config group info.
ApiClusterTemplateRoleConfigGroupInfo During import time information related to all the non-base config groups must be provided.
ApiClusterTemplateService Service information
ApiClusterTemplateVariable Variable that is referred in cluster template.
ApiClusterUtilization Utilization report information of a Cluster.
ApiCmPeer Information about a Cloudera Manager peer instance.
ApiCmPeerList A list of Cloudera Manager peers.
ApiCollectDiagnosticDataArguments Arguments used for the collectDiagnosticData command.
ApiCommand Provides detailed information about a submitted command.
ApiCommandList A list of commands.
ApiCommandMetadata Provides metadata information about a command.
ApiCommandMetadataList A list of command metadata.
ApiConfig Model for a configuration parameter.
ApiConfigList A list of configuration data.
ApiConfigureForKerberosArguments Arguments used to configure a cluster for Kerberos.
ApiDashboard A dashboard definition.
ApiDashboardList A list of dashboard definitions.
ApiDeployment This objects represents a deployment including all clusters, hosts, services, roles, etc in the system.
ApiDisableJtHaArguments Arguments used for disable JT HA command.
ApiDisableLlamaHaArguments Arguments used for disable Llama HA command.
ApiDisableNnHaArguments Arguments used for Disable NameNode High Availability command.
ApiDisableRmHaArguments Arguments used for Disable RM HA command.
ApiDisableSentryHaArgs Arguments used for disable Sentry HA API call.
ApiEcho The echoMessage carries a message to be echoed back from the API service.
ApiEnableJtHaArguments Arguments used for enable JT HA command.
ApiEnableLlamaHaArguments Arguments used for enable Llama HA command.
ApiEnableLlamaRmArguments Arguments used for enable Llama RM command.
ApiEnableNnHaArguments Arguments used for Enable NameNode High Availability command.
ApiEnableRmHaArguments Arguments used for enable RM HA command.
ApiEnableSentryHaArgs Arguments used for enable Sentry HA command.
ApiEvent Events model noteworthy incidents in Cloudera Manager or the managed Hadoop cluster.
ApiExternalAccount Represents an instantiation of an external account type, referencing a supported external account type, via the typeName field, along with suitable configuration to access an external resource of the provided type.
ApiExternalAccountCategory Type representing an external account category.
ApiExternalAccountCategoryList Represents a list of external account categories.
ApiExternalAccountList Represents a list of external accounts.
ApiExternalAccountType A supported external account type.
ApiExternalAccountTypeList Represents a list of external account types.
ApiHBaseSnapshot An HBase snapshot descriptor.
ApiHBaseSnapshotError A HBase snapshot operation error.
ApiHBaseSnapshotPolicyArguments HBase specific snapshot policy arguments.
ApiHBaseSnapshotResult Detailed information about an HBase snapshot command.
ApiHdfsDisableHaArguments Arguments used for the HDFS disable HA command.
ApiHdfsFailoverArguments Arguments used when enabling HDFS automatic failover.
ApiHdfsHaArguments Arguments used for HDFS HA commands.
ApiHdfsReplicationArguments Replication arguments for HDFS.
ApiHdfsReplicationCounter A counter in an HDFS replication job.
ApiHdfsReplicationResult Detailed information about an HDFS replication job.
ApiHdfsSnapshot An HDFS snapshot descriptor.
ApiHdfsSnapshotError An HDFS snapshot operation error.
ApiHdfsSnapshotPolicyArguments HDFS specific snapshot policy arguments.
ApiHdfsSnapshotResult Detailed information about an HDFS snapshot command.
ApiHealthCheck Represents a result from a health test performed by Cloudera Manager for an entity.
ApiHiveReplicationArguments Replication arguments for Hive services.
ApiHiveReplicationError A Hive replication error.
ApiHiveReplicationResult Detailed information about a Hive replication job.
ApiHiveTable A Hive table identifier.
ApiHiveUDF An hive UDF identifier.
ApiHost This is the model for a host in the system.
ApiHostInstallArguments Arguments to perform installation on one or more hosts
ApiHostList A list of ApiHost objects
ApiHostNameList A list of host names.
ApiHostRef A reference to a host.
ApiHostRefList A list of host references.
ApiHostTemplate A host template belongs to a cluster and contains a set of role config groups for slave roles (such as DataNodes and TaskTrackers) from services in the cluster.
ApiHostTemplateList A list of host templates.
ApiImpalaCancelResponse The response from an Impala cancel query response.
ApiImpalaQuery Represents an Impala Query.
ApiImpalaQueryAttribute Metadata about an Impala query attribute.
ApiImpalaQueryAttributeList The list of all the attributes that are applicable to Impala queries.
ApiImpalaQueryDetailsResponse A query details response.
ApiImpalaQueryResponse The response contains a list of queries and warnings.
ApiImpalaTenantUtilization Utilization report information of a tenant of Impala application.
ApiImpalaTenantUtilizationList A list of impala tenant utilization reports.
ApiImpalaUDF An impala UDF identifier.
ApiImpalaUtilization Utilization report information of a Impala application service.
ApiImpalaUtilizationHistogram Histogram of Impala utilization.
ApiImpalaUtilizationHistogramBin Histogram bin of Impala utilization.
ApiJournalNodeArguments Arguments used as part of ApiEnableNnHaArguments to specify JournalNodes.
ApiKerberosInfo Kerberos information of a Cluster or Cloudera Manager.
ApiLicense Information about the Cloudera Manager license.
ApiLicensedFeatureUsage Information about the number of nodes using which product features.
ApiMapEntry Models a map entry, with a key and a value.
ApiMetric A metric represents a specific metric monitored by the Cloudera Management Services, and a list of values matching a user query.
ApiMetricData A single data point of metric data.
ApiMetricList A list of ApiMetric objects
ApiMetricSchema A metric schema represents the schema for a specific metric monitored by the Cloudera Management Services.
ApiMetricSchemaList A list of ApiMetricSchema objects
ApiMr2AppInformation Represents MapReduce2 information for a YARN application.
ApiNameservice Provides information about an HDFS nameservice.
ApiNameserviceList A list of HDFS nameservices.
ApiParcel A Parcel encapsulate a specific product and version.
ApiParcelList A list of ApiParcel.
ApiParcelRef A parcelRef references a parcel.
ApiParcelState The ApiParcelState encapsulates the state of a parcel while it is in transition and reports any errors that may have occurred..
ApiParcelUsage This object provides a complete view of the usage of parcels in a given cluster - particularly which parcels are in use for which roles.
ApiParcelUsageHost This object is used to represent a host within an ApiParcelUsage.
ApiParcelUsageParcel This object is used to represent a parcel within an ApiParcelUsage.
ApiParcelUsageRack This object is used to represent a rack within an ApiParcelUsage.
ApiParcelUsageRole This object is used to represent a role within an ApiParcelUsage.
ApiPrincipalList A list of kerberos principals.
ApiProcess A process represents a unix process to be managed by the Cloudera Manager agents.
ApiReplicationCommand Information about a replication command.
ApiReplicationCommandList A list of replication commands.
ApiReplicationDiagnosticsCollectionArgs Optional arguments for diagnostics collection.
ApiReplicationSchedule A replication job schedule.
ApiReplicationScheduleDataLimits This class encapsulates the data limits that we want to put on ApiReplicationSchedule to avoid potential OOME.
ApiReplicationScheduleList A list of replication schedules.
ApiReplicationState The state of Hive/HDFS Replication.
ApiRestartClusterArgs Arguments used for Cluster Restart command.
ApiRole A role represents a specific entity that participate in a service.
ApiRoleConfigGroup A role config group contains roles of the same role type sharing the same configuration.
ApiRoleConfigGroupList A list of role config groups.
ApiRoleList A list of roles.
ApiRoleNameList A list of role names.
ApiRoleRef A roleRef references a role.
ApiRoleTypeConfig Role type configuration information.
ApiRoleTypeList A list of roles types that exists for a given service.
ApiRollEditsArgs Arguments used for the Roll Edits command.
ApiRollingRestartArgs Arguments used for Rolling Restart commands.
ApiRollingRestartClusterArgs Arguments used for Rolling Restart Cluster command.
ApiRollingUpgradeClusterArgs Rolling upgrade arguments used in the CDH Upgrade Command.
ApiRollingUpgradeServicesArgs Arguments used for Rolling Upgrade command.
ApiSchedule Base class for commands that can be scheduled in Cloudera Manager.
ApiScmDbInfo Cloudera Manager server's database information
ApiService A service (such as HDFS, MapReduce, HBase) runs in a cluster.
ApiServiceConfig Service and role type configuration.
ApiServiceList A list of services.
ApiServiceRef A serviceRef references a service.
ApiServiceTypeList A list of service types that exists for a given cluster.
ApiShutdownReadiness Cloudera Manager server's shutdown readiness
ApiSimpleRollingRestartClusterArgs Basic arguments used for Rolling Restart Cluster commands.
ApiSnapshotCommand Information about snapshot commands.
ApiSnapshotCommandList A list of snapshot commands.
ApiSnapshotPolicy A snapshot policy.
ApiSnapshotPolicyList A list of snapshot policies.
ApiTenantUtilization Utilization report information of a tenant.
ApiTenantUtilizationList A list of tenant utilization reports.
ApiTimeSeries A time series represents a stream of data points.
ApiTimeSeriesAggregateStatistics Statistics related to one time series aggregate data point.
ApiTimeSeriesCrossEntityMetadata A class holding additional metadata to the ApiTimeSeriesAggregateStatistics class that applies specifically to cross-entity aggregate metrics.
ApiTimeSeriesData A single data point of time series data.
ApiTimeSeriesEntityAttribute A time series entity attribute represents a possible attribute of a time series entity type monitored by the Cloudera Management Services.
ApiTimeSeriesEntityAttributeList A list of ApiTimeSeriesEntityAttribute objects
ApiTimeSeriesEntityType Describe a time series entity type and attributes associated with this entity type.
ApiTimeSeriesEntityTypeList A list of ApiTimeSeriesEntityType objects
ApiTimeSeriesMetadata Metadata for a time series.
ApiTimeSeriesRequest Request object containing information needed for querying timeseries data.
ApiTimeSeriesResponse The time series response for a time series query.
ApiTimeSeriesRow A time series data point.
ApiUser This is the model for user information in the API.
ApiUserList A list of users.
ApiUserSession This is the model for interactive user session information in the API.
ApiUserSessionList A list of user sessions.
ApiVersionInfo Version information of Cloudera Manager itself.
ApiWatchedDirList A list of watched directories.
ApiYarnApplication Represents a Yarn application
ApiYarnApplicationAttribute Metadata about a YARN application attribute.
ApiYarnApplicationAttributeList The list of all attributes that are applicable to YARN applications.
ApiYarnApplicationDiagnosticsCollectionArgs Arguments used for collecting diagnostics data for Yarn applications
ApiYarnApplicationResponse The response contains a list of applications and warnings.
ApiYarnKillResponse The response from an Yarn kill application response.
ApiYarnTenantUtilization Utilization report information of a tenant of Yarn application.
ApiYarnTenantUtilizationList A list of yarn tenant utilization reports.
ApiYarnUtilization Utilization report information of a Yarn application service.

Enum Summary
ApiClusterVersion Deprecated.
ApiCmPeerType Enum for CM peer types.
ApiCommissionState Represents the Commission state of an entity.
ApiConfigStalenessStatus Represents the configuration staleness status of an entity.
ApiEntityStatus The single value used by the Cloudera Manager UI to represent the status of the entity.
ApiEntityType Represents the types of entities.
ApiHdfsReplicationArguments.ReplicationStrategy The strategy for distributing the file replication tasks among the mappers of the MR job associated with a replication.
ApiHealthSummary Represents of the high-level health status of a subject in the cluster.
ApiHiveCloudReplicationArguments.ReplicationOption This will decide how cloud replication will take place
ApiRole.ZooKeeperServerMode The state of the Zookeeper server.
ApiRoleState Represents the configured run state of a role.
ApiRolesToInclude Roles to include during a cluster rolling restart.
ApiScheduleInterval Represents the unit for the repeat interval for schedules.
ApiScmDbInfo.ScmDbType Enum for Cloudera Manager DB type.
ApiServiceState Represents the configured run state of a service.
ApiShutdownReadiness.ShutdownReadinessState Enum for Cloudera Manager shutdown readiness state.

Package com.cloudera.api.model Description

Java models of the underlying API JSON objects, with JAX-B annotations.

Copyright © Cloudera, Inc. Released under Apache License, Version 2.0.