Represents a Yarn application


property type description
applicationId applicationId (string) The application id.
name name (string) The name of the application.
startTime startTime (dateTime) The time the application was submitted.
endTime endTime (dateTime) The time the application finished. If the application hasn't finished this will return null.
user user (string) The user who submitted the application.
pool pool (string) The pool the application was submitted to.
progress progress (double) The progress, as a percentage, the application has made. This is only set if the application is currently executing.
attributes attributes ((anonymous)) A map of additional application attributes which is generated by Cloudera Manager. For example MR2 job counters are exposed as key/value pairs here. For more details see the Cloudera Manager documentation.
mr2AppInformation mr2AppInformation (apiMr2AppInformation)
state state (string)