Package cm_api :: Package endpoints :: Module types :: Class ApiMr2AppInformation
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Class ApiMr2AppInformation

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   object --+    
BaseApiObject --+

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Default implementation of __str__.
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Inherited from BaseApiObject: __init__, __setattr__, to_json_dict

Inherited from object: __delattr__, __format__, __getattribute__, __hash__, __new__, __reduce__, __reduce_ex__, __repr__, __sizeof__, __subclasshook__

Class Methods [hide private]

Inherited from BaseApiObject: from_json_dict

Inherited from BaseApiObject (private): _get_attributes

Static Methods [hide private]

Inherited from BaseApiObject: init

Class Variables [hide private]
  _ATTRIBUTES = {'jobState': ROAttr()}

Inherited from BaseApiObject (private): _WHITELIST

Properties [hide private]

Inherited from object: __class__

Method Details [hide private]

(Informal representation operator)

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Default implementation of __str__. Uses the type name and the first attribute retrieved from the attribute map to create the string.

Overrides: object.__str__
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