Replication arguments for HDFS.


property type description
sourceService sourceService (apiServiceRef) The service to replicate from.
sourcePath sourcePath (string) The path to replicate.
destinationPath destinationPath (string) The destination to replicate to.
mapreduceServiceName mapreduceServiceName (string) The mapreduce service to use for the replication job.
schedulerPoolName schedulerPoolName (string) Name of the scheduler pool to use when submitting the MapReduce job. Currently supports the capacity and fair schedulers. The option is ignored if a different scheduler is configured.
userName userName (string) The user which will execute the MapReduce job. Required if running with Kerberos enabled.
numMaps numMaps (int) The number of mappers to use for the mapreduce replication job.
dryRun dryRun (boolean) Whether to perform a dry run. Defaults to false.
bandwidthPerMap bandwidthPerMap (int) The maximum bandwidth (in MB) per mapper in the mapreduce replication job.
abortOnError abortOnError (boolean) Whether to abort on a replication failure. Defaults to false.
removeMissingFiles removeMissingFiles (boolean) Whether to delete destination files that are missing in source. Defaults to false.
preserveReplicationCount preserveReplicationCount (boolean) Whether to preserve the HDFS replication count. Defaults to false.
preserveBlockSize preserveBlockSize (boolean) Whether to preserve the HDFS block size. Defaults to false.
preservePermissions preservePermissions (boolean) Whether to preserve the HDFS owner, group and permissions. Defaults to false.
logPath logPath (string) The HDFS path where the replication log files should be written to.
skipChecksumChecks skipChecksumChecks (boolean) Whether to skip checksum based file validation/comparison during replication. Defaults to false.