A Parcel encapsulate a specific product and version. For example, (CDH 4.1). A parcel is downloaded, distributed to all the machines of a cluster and then allowed to be activated.

> The available parcels are determined by which cluster they will be running on. For example, a SLES parcel won't show up for a RHEL cluster.


property type description
product product (string) The name of the product, e.g. CDH, Impala
version version (string) The version of the product, e.g. 1.1.0, 2.3.0.
stage stage (string) Returns the current stage of the parcel.

There are a number of stages a parcel can be in. There are two types of stages - stable and transient. A parcel is in a transient stage when it is transitioning between two stable stages. The stages are listed below with some additional information.

  • AVAILABLE_REMOTELY: Stable stage - the parcel can be downloaded to the server.
  • DOWNLOADING: Transient stage - the parcel is in the process of being downloaded to the server.
  • DOWNLOADED: Stable stage - the parcel is downloaded and ready to be distributed or removed from the server.
  • DISTRIBUTING: Transient stage - the parcel is being sent to all the hosts in the cluster.
  • DISTRIBUTED: Stable stage - the parcel is on all the hosts in the cluster. The parcel can now be activated, or removed from all the hosts.
  • UNDISTRIBUTING: Transient stage - the parcel is being removed from all the hosts in the cluster>/li>
  • ACTIVATED: Steady stage - the parcel is set to active on every host in the cluster. If desired, a parcel can be deactivated from this stage.
state state (apiParcelState) The state of the parcel. This shows the progress of state transitions and if there were any errors.
clusterRef clusterRef (apiClusterRef) Readonly. A reference to the enclosing cluster.