Mount Point: /api/v2/cm/deployment


Retrieve full description of the entire Cloudera Manager deployment including all hosts, clusters, services, roles, users, settings, etc.

This object can be used to reconstruct your entire deployment

Note: Only users with admin privileges are allowed to call this

Response Body

element: deployment

A complete deployment description


Apply the supplied deployment description to the system. This will create the clusters, services, hosts and other objects specified in the argument. This call does not allow for any merge conflicts. If an entity already exists in the system, this call will fail. You can request, however, that all entities in the system are deleted before instantiating the new ones.

You may specify a complete or partial deployment, e.g. you can provide host info with no clusters. However, if you request that the current deployment be deleted, you are required to specify at least one admin user or this call will fail. This is to protect you from creating a system that cannot be logged into again.

If there are any errors creating (or optionally deleting) a deployment, all changes will be rolled back leaving the system exactly as it was before calling this method. The system will never be left in a state where part of the deployment is created and other parts are not.


name description type default
deleteCurrentDeployment If true, the current deployment is deleted before the specified deployment is applied query false

Request Body

element: deployment

The deployment to create

Response Body

element: deployment

The system deployment info after successfully applying the given deployment.