Class ImageComponentVersions

  • @Generated(value="com.cloudera.cdp.client.codegen.CdpSDKJavaCodegen",
    public class ImageComponentVersions
    extends Object
    Versions of the image components
    • Constructor Detail

      • ImageComponentVersions

        public ImageComponentVersions()
    • Method Detail

      • getCm

        public String getCm()
        Getter for cm. Version of CM
      • setCm

        public void setCm​(String cm)
        Setter for cm. Version of CM
      • getCmGBN

        public String getCmGBN()
        Getter for cmGBN. GBN of CM
      • setCmGBN

        public void setCmGBN​(String cmGBN)
        Setter for cmGBN. GBN of CM
      • getCdp

        public String getCdp()
        Getter for cdp. CDP version
      • setCdp

        public void setCdp​(String cdp)
        Setter for cdp. CDP version
      • getCdpGBN

        public String getCdpGBN()
        Getter for cdpGBN. CDP GBN
      • setCdpGBN

        public void setCdpGBN​(String cdpGBN)
        Setter for cdpGBN. CDP GBN
      • getOs

        public String getOs()
        Getter for os. OS name
      • setOs

        public void setOs​(String os)
        Setter for os. OS name
      • getOsPatchLevel

        public String getOsPatchLevel()
        Getter for osPatchLevel. OS patch level
      • setOsPatchLevel

        public void setOsPatchLevel​(String osPatchLevel)
        Setter for osPatchLevel. OS patch level
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object