Class CdpProfileConfigFile

  • public class CdpProfileConfigFile
    extends Object
    Handles loading a CDP profile from either the default location or from an input path. Offers a convenience method for retreiving credentials from a named profile.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CdpProfileConfigFile

        public CdpProfileConfigFile()
        Constructor. Loads the CDP credentials file from the default location.
      • CdpProfileConfigFile

        public CdpProfileConfigFile​(String filePath)
        Loads the CDP credential profiles from the input path.
        filePath - path to CDP credentials file
      • CdpProfileConfigFile

        public CdpProfileConfigFile​(File file)
        Loads the CDP credential profiles from the input file.
        file - CDP credentials file
    • Method Detail

      • getCredentials

        public CdpCredentials getCredentials​(String profileName)
        Returns the CdpCredentials using the profile name provided.
        profileName - CDP profile name