Class Signer

  • public class Signer
    extends Object
    A request signer appropriate for use with the CDP client.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Signer

        public Signer()
    • Method Detail

      • computeAuthHeader

        public String computeAuthHeader​(String httpMethod,
                                        String contentType,
                                        String date,
                                        String path,
                                        String accessKeyId,
                                        PrivateKey privateKey)
        Computes the value for the x-altus-auth header for a request.
        httpMethod - the HTTP method
        contentType - the value of the content type header
        date - the value of the x-altus-date header
        path - the request portion of the URI, e.g. /iam/getUser
        accessKeyId - the access key ID
        privateKey - the access key private key
        the value for the x-altus-auth header