Hue service integration is generic and lets you integrate with other analytics systems. Here is a list of the main APIs:

  • Connect or create SQL connectors to any database (Impala, MySQL, Presto…)
  • List any files from any filesytem (HDFS, S3, ADLS…)
  • List any job or query list (YARN, SQL queries, Kubernetes…)
  • Integrate with a Data Catalog (Cloudera Navigator, Apache Atlas…)

In addition, whole new apps can also be created in order to provide end to end solutions.

Upcoming & Contribution ideas

  • How to add new SQL grammar and highlighting
  • Improved Query Builder
  • Improved Dashboard & Reporting
  • Framework to add new/embed vizualizations
  • How to integrate smart query troubleshooting/recommendation systems (Cloudera Navigator Optimizer…)
  • Generic workflow system (Apache Oozie, Apache Airflow, Celery Tasks…)
  • ADLS gen2, Google FS integrations
  • Check the Roadmap